The Garden

Danube Park wonder place for relaxation with a wonderful view to the Danube. Danube garden was created prior to 100-150 years of local people. For the first time it reported Gazette Turkey in 1870. The park has a large variety of trees, conifers and deciduous trees share the park and look really stunning.

Some tree species are unique and therefore marked for display. The main lane, which begins from the entrance of the park and continues to the Danube are many benches and a variety of trees and tunnel, which represents a cluster of chestnuts, shaped like forming a tunnel (you can see in our gallery) . In the summer zhegi park is great place to rest, saving us from the sun and its fresh wind from the valley of the Danube. At the east end of the park is beautiful hotel Drustar, which has a pool in which the local people go to cool. Danube garden has 3 playgrounds, fontanche with zhabcheta, omnipresent Pelicans and even bronze monument of George Mamarchev, but its charm is in the ruins of old castles, which are conditions such as Bactrian camels along the shore. Night people go to observe the decline of the sun over the Danube and passing vessels.

Often observed and tourists in Central Park and the center of the town of Silistra, which dealt with interest excavations in the park.