Until recently, the first public park in the country was considered Dondukov park in Plovdiv, founded in 1878. In NBKM However, the number 486 is reserved to the "Danube" on July 24th 1870, which read:
- “Освенъ това праздното място, което се намира срещу Дунавската баня (в Силистра)… понеже е сгодно за една градска градина, съветътъ решил да ся направи това място на градина… Всичките разноски… щели да възлязат на 30000 гроша”.

Moreover park and casino built in it, which total 35 000 parts and 11 Penny money. Building are part of the eradication of the destruction after the Crimean War.

In 1899g. Nicola Marinopolski writes in Silistra almanac "which are favorite places for recreation of silistrentsi. "Pipinierata, garden medley with trees, shady paths and obrasli green with a glad heart of every visitor and new kraydunavska Garden City, north of the city until the very bank of the Danube, with planted flowers and trees.

In 1908g. park agronomist was appointed to be responsible for it. Are delivered and the first roses of Temishoara. It is the first fountain, fountain first called radial, shot almost 80 godini.Zad it is the oldest tree in the park. The only oak tree in the park was planted in 1910.

From the Balkan War to 1940g. development of the Danube fleet stops, but is saved from destruction. Shots from the cold winter of 1929, view of Danube parka.Prez 1954. heart of the Danube park becomes ozelenitelyat Cyril Toporov. Hard work, big love and use a long wait he's 54 decares which takes ... to leave after decades garden decares 200 goals.

In 70 years of last century the old part of the park and its coastal strip are included in the architectural and archaeological reserve Dorostorum - Drustar - Silistra "in 1991. The park was declared a monument of national importance.