Wooden city

Wood City is one of many places in the Danube park, designed especially for children. It represents a children's playground with various katerushki resemble houses, castles, trains, etc. forming a strong umalena version of the city. Also called wood city, as all buildings are made of wood.

There are many benches on which parents can sit down to watch what their kids have fun or to chat with their friends and family. Sites have a wonderful view to the Danube and at sunset is hard to find a place to sit in the park.

There are several playgrounds in the garden, among which are distinguished wood city site with rides, playground and skateboard newly amusement park at the beginning of the park. By Hotel Drustar, which is located at the east end of the park also has many slides for young children.

Overall in the park you can find a permanent place to relax and play to your children. Will not be disappointed:) Photos can be found in our gallery.

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