Alley of donors:
One way to maintain the park is constantly expanding Alley donors. Anyone who wishes can make a donation to upgrade the park - replacement of old trees and development of green areas and to receive their memorial tablets of aleyata.

As you have noticed from the gallery, or will soon see in the Danube park has many fountains from those that were created more than 100g to the new and modern. Unfortunately, most of them are not functioning or only run for a specified period of time. But generally they are one of the many attractions offered by the park.

In Silistra town sunset can be seen from many places. But the most amazing and beautiful and with its full light it is seen from the park. Rarely will one encounter on the banks of the Danube River in good time and a beautiful sunset that does not lyubuva. Tourists who come in Silistra, or even many local people like to shoot. In our gallery you can find both amateur, and professional photos of the sunset over the Danube.

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